Naturopathic Medicine

At the igood Health Centre, We are a team of naturopathic medicine practitioner for a long time. We firmly believe that the key to recovery from diseases is encouraging the body’s natural healing response.

In naturopathy, we attend to the holistic well-being of the patient instead of merely suppressing the external symptoms of the disease.

Our doctors would ask about the various aspects of your lifestyle to find out the root imbalance causing the disease. We often discover that diseases are caused by poor diet, lack of sleep, and excessive stress. Going forward, we assess the remedies that can heal the affliction at its core.

Making the essential dietary changes can play a major role in healing. Restoring a wholesome and healthy diet plan gradually restores the metabolic balance and improves the natural healing attributes of the body. Along with diet, we follow various naturopathic treatment processes such as homeopathy, botanical medicine, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy. In addition, we would also suggest lifestyle changes that prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Our team of nathropathic doctors deely believe that the human body is a part of nature, and diseases are caused due to detachment from nature. Therefore, we also believe that the proper assimilation of natural ingredients can heal any disease. However, in this process, we always make sure that the ingredients are in balanced
proportions and according to the unique needs of the patient.


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Naturopathic Medicine